Full Value Forestry
Timbergreen Farm - The Birkemeier Family Forest
Spring Green, Wisconsin USA


Full Value Forestry - a new alternative to the traditional timber industry:
Keep the many values of local trees in the community to support the people and the economy

Promote the use of locally grown and manufactured forest products by small business in the regional and global market

Earn Thousands of Dollars per tree for wood thought worthless in the industrial timber markets
Fully use all species, small diameter trees, and curved logs -for high value products -that we sell direct to customers

Earn Tens of Thousands of Dollars per tree for good trees whose logs are typically exported before manufacturing

Harvest/Salvage just a portion of the forest's natural output to maintain a healthy and diverse forest
Never allow industrial global demand to control the harvest of local forests - follow nature

Support one good & rewarding job for every 10 acres of forest growth, or 50 trees/year cut in urban forests

Use Simple Solar Energy Systems to dry lumber and heat buildings using free & renewable power

For Full Information - check out the following books and DVDs by Jim Birkemeier

Full Value Forestry - 2013 - Book by Jim Birkemeier $16

Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns - 2014 - Book by Jim Birkemeier $16

Full Vigor Forestry - second edition - 2003 - Book by Jim Birkemeier $16

Full Value Forestry DVD Video Series - 2014 -
Running a Profitable Sawmill Business DVD by Jim Birkemeier $10

Felling Timber at Timbergreen Farm DVD by Jim Birkemeier $10

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Hands on the Job Training at Timbergreen Farm - Click here for details and schedules

One on One Consulting with Jim Birkemeier by phone - $50/15 minutes (you will be contacted to set a time)

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