New Articles for 2008 Timbergreen Farm, Spring Green, WI

Foresters on Steroids

The New Yorker - May 14, 2007

Wooden Boat Update February 2008

Robbing the Wood Chipper                                                  Why They Call It White Pine

Timber is for the Taking!                                                         Foresters on Steroids

Tree Farm Convention - October, 2007                                 Managed Forest Law and Tree Farm

 Bad Lawyers are Disbarred!                                                 Lessons I've Learned on Certification

"Green" or Greed!?                                                                Gypo Logging and Phony Phorestry

A Salute to the Timber Industry!                                             I Challenge All Foresters!

Gang Rape in the Forest Goes Unnoticed                                If It Is Broke - FIX IT!!

 Article in "The Country Today"                                              Say BOO to Bamboo

Article on China - Environmental News Network                    New! - Full Vigor Video Series

Forestry is Failing - A new Alternative                                     How "Green" is it - Really

"An Undeserved Slam on the Timber Industry"                         What is "Green"  

The State Forester's New Clothes                                           The State Forester's Old Clothes

Steps for Change - Fixing the ongoing forestry crisis in WI.      Full Vigor Forestry DVD Video Series

Iowa County, WI - 98% of Timber Potential Exported!           How we earn $10,000/thousand board feet

Illegal Logging Today   New Washington Post Article               Logger Works to Escape the Beast

Frustrated Forest Owners and Phoney Phoresters                    Maximize Your Forest's Annual Growth

Forest to Finished Flooring From the Family Farm                   Green is Nothing New

How Much Annual Income Should a Forest Owner Earn?       We Eliminate ALL the MIDDLEMEN!

The Last Good Tree is Gone - March 5th, 2007                      Why Use Local Wood?

Felling a Red Oak Tree                                                             Too Good To Believe!
Directional Felling Another Oak                                                Brand New Chain Saw!
Fetching Oak Logs up the Hill                                                  Quartersawing Oak Logs       Live Sawing Logs

Building Your Home From Your Own Timber                         Our Newest Showroom

Custom Blended Flooring Photos                                              Timbergreen vs The Big Box Stores

Timber Harvest Potential Leaves the Community                     Fire In The Pinelands!

Pineland Potential                                                                   Tornado in Potosi!

Solar Cycle Kilns Performance Update                                    "They Are Just As Bad As Everyone Else!"

Timber Techniques Training                                                     Fire Insurance for your Timber?

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The Most Important Factor in Forest Management

Making Flooring at Timbergreen Farm

Installing Flooring is Really Pretty Simple

Full Vigor Forestry - February 2007                                     Other Articles for 2007

Solar Kiln Works in Oregon

Forestry Around the World

Woodworking and SCUBA Diving


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