“Green” or Greed!??

Many of Wisconsin’s once important Paper Mills have been sold to foreign corporations.

The new owners present a nice “Green” image of sustainable forestry today in the Media.

The Wisconsin DNR and the rest of our state government is clearly in bed with them –
Everything is ‘Good and Green’ in Wisconsin’s forests….
Even green “Certified”….   They say…

But if you talk with the loggers and mill workers who know what is really happening….

There is nothing ‘Green’ going on today – it is all Greed!!

To hear the truth, you need to know how to talk to people Not talk at them.

In the past few months, I have been interviewed by two non-profit groups researching what is going on in the forests of Wisconsin.  Grant funded “research” is big business these days for the non-profit organizations and government forestry “industry”.   This new entity is a highly organized and self-supporting bunch – also totally based on their own greed.  Their questions show no contact with reality but they slant their questions to discover what they think they already know.  They can’t afford to find the truth  - or they will be out of business.  They need mystery to survive.

But if you actually can talk with a logger or mill employee about reality – with no badge & gun showing - or government crown on your head  - or fancy suit on your back…
you might actually learn what is happening to our once strong timber industry.

What is happening is simple corporate down-sizing and profit-taking.  Big Surprise?

The new foreign owners are selling off the last standing timber, selling off the forest lands, closing production lines, laying off workers….   And any day now, they will be gone – headed south like the rest of the timber industry!

Any day now, Wisconsin’s once proud timber industry will be trashed –  Dead, gone…!!

But the drape on the coffin shown in the Media will likely be a shade of 'green'….

It’s probably too late, but someone has to say something! Does anybody care?