Gypo Logging and Phony Phorestry

Professional Phorestry is Phony Today – July 2007  

Forest Owners Know Our private forest lands in the U.S. are not well managed.
            Our woodlots are over-harvested and high-graded and damaged by the typical timber harvest.

Forest Owners are not paid a fair price for their timber.
            Stumpage payments are below the costs of growing timber.
            Forest owners are typically short-changed when selling timber.

The forest & forest owner are taken advantage of by the timber buyer/phorester.
            Loggers, timber buyers, and phoresters (and the rest of the industry) make good money!
Industrial Logging is portrayed as “Sound Forestry” by professional phoresters.
            They have all compromise their ethics – rationalizing that it is the only way to get it done.

Forest Owners are typically left with a mess and damaged land after logging.

Forest Owners Know practically nothing about their timber; value, growth, income, costs.

Phoresters tell forest owners they are not qualified to managed timber
              and that it is too dangerous for a landowner to cut trees.  
     After seeing how professional phoresters and loggers work for 30 years – NO THANKS!!  
       (many good people get into logging and forestry,
        but are soon worn out by the pressures of the industry to feed the big mills with cheap timber!)

Every attempt at forest owners organizing has been co-opted by government/industry.
            Forest owners are fed a steady diet of industrial logging mumbo jumbo.

Certification has been taken over and watered down by big business/government.

Government “Welfare” Phorestry Programs tell landowners forestry doesn’t pay....
            But, we will subsidize you with free advice and little gifts.
            Tax break programs pressure forest owners to harvest all “mature” timber.

The Phorestry Profession is like the big church
full of corruption and cover-ups.

(everyone knows it, but cover it all up to protect their jobs)

The Net Result of the Phorestry Profession in
the U.S. is a Phony Phorestry that

Discourages Responsible Forest Management
on our Private Woodlands!!

There is a better way – There is an alternative!  Read on....

We will probably run out of good timber to harvest and the timber industry will move overseas before there is time to change this situation, but we could start with…..

Steps for Change:
The media needs to expose the corruption in the forestry profession.
The forestry profession needs to clean up its’ own ranks – not just talk about ethics.
Stop all government welfare forestry programs – they discourage good management!

            Managed forests should produce a good profit – paying their fair share of taxes.
            Programs tell forest owners there is no money in forestry – we must subsidize it.
            Programs discourage sound business development of small woodlands,
                     keeping everything under government control.

Teach average forest owners common sense forest management.
            Timber should be managed like other agricultural crops – by the owner,
                        not some visiting college educated “expert” “professional”.

Promoting the use of locally grown and manufactured wood products will create
          a new timber market and regional economic development
Stop promoting “industrial logging” and ‘species management’ as sound forestry.
Teach state of the art – natural forestry (all landowners would choose this!)
Allow forest owner groups to develop without government influence and interference.


Good forestry professionals are needed to teach the millions of forest owners common sense management – state of the art – natural forestry.

Good loggers are needed to restore our high-graded forests and maintain natural forests.

A new attitude is needed that values our forests.
(Check out Europe and Native Americans…..)

Don't hide your head in the sand - wake up - and read the internet!!