I Challenge All Professional Foresters

Think about your job, are you really doing forest management?
Is it 'state of the art' – the best in the world – forest management?

This is 2007 – with global travel and the internet – There Is No Excuse for Ignorance!

The recent Certification Buzz has emphasized that Sustainable Forestry
has three essential elements: 

  1. 'State of the Art' Forest Practices,
  2. Economic Sustainability (including profit!) for the Grower,
  3. Strong Support and Benefits to the Local Community.

In your sphere of influence;
Is the forest owner being treated well in management and harvesting?
Is the timber grower making fair money for their investment and effort? 

  When a timber grower is not paid enough money to reward their investments, costs, and efforts –
  No Way Can This Be Sustainable Forestry!!!   DUH!! 
  You wouldn’t work for what a forest owner makes growing timber!!!!

Is the forest supporting the local community with multiple benefits?
Is the harvested wood manufactured and used in the local community,
or is it taken far away by a big corporation?

Wood products are very valuable
If the timber grower and local community are not receiving good economic returns and multiple benefits Something is WRONG!! 
There should be no need for property tax breaks, free programs & advice, grants, etc.
Something is WRONG!!
Forestry must pay its’ own way!  Or it’s not real Forestry!

Have you sold your integrity to the big timber corporations at the expense of the forest and the forest owner?
Feeding the mills with cheap timber is Phony Phorestry!

Have you sold your integrity to a government program to maintain a cushy job with good benefits? 
If you spend more time justifying your job, than doing a good job – you are a Phony Phorester!

If you are making good money in your job and have good retirement benefits and medical insurance – and the forest owners who grow the timber that supports your job are not paid a fair income…. –
You are a Phony Phorester!

If you have compromised yourself – and your area forests are not well managed, with the growers and local community being taken advantage of… And you do nothing about it - You are a Phony Phorester! 

Have you seen gross abuse of the forest and/or forest owner and done nothing about it? 
If you are not doing everything in your power every day to stop high-grading, over-harvesting, high-damage logging, timber theft, timber fraud, taking advantage of a trusting forest owner, exporting the timber value far from the community…..    you are a Phony Phorester!

Who Has the Guts to Stand Up and Do What Is Right?   Anyone?