If it is broke – fix it!

When you are in business, when something is not working properly – you don’t keep running it into ruin – you stop and fix it.

Forest management on private woodlots in the U.S. is not working properly.
           (just ask the forest owners!)

  1. Timber growers are paid less than the cost of production.
  2. Many timber growers are cheated when selling timber.
  3. Gross abuse of the forest and forest owner goes unchecked.
  4. Timber growers know practically nothing about their crop.
  5. Timber growers don’t like the mess left after logging.
  6. Most timber growers don’t actively manage their crop.
  7. The legal system doesn’t protect the timber crop.
  8. Chinese timber products now are forcing timber prices even lower here.

The forest management system on private woodlots is producing at best a few percent success rate - and in many ways actually discourages responsible forest management.

Timber crops hold the potential for amazing economic development in our rural communities;
* Create one well paying job for every 40 acres of timber.
* Local Manufacturing and Direct Marketing multiply the market value of standing timber 10 to 1,000 times.
* Keeping the money in the local community multiplies it again - 3 to 5 times.
* Trucking and shipping are minimized, saving lots & lots of fuel!  Woodworking businesses can actually produce many types of energy from their scraps.
* Natural products with minimal engineering and maximum craftsmanship can be produced by small business.  Customers get natural products that will last - and know where the wood is from.
* Growers are encouraged to care for their timber for the future.

Today - The forestry profession has their heads stuck in the sand -
afraid to see and hear the truth.

The Forestry Profession is afraid to change -
but you can't hide from the truth today!

The internet has changed the world - better keep up!