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A small and simple manufacturing facility lets us multiply the value of our annual salvage harvests.

The State Forester's New Clothes

The  State  Forester's  Old  Clothes

"An Undeserved Slam on the timber industry"

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The Last Good Tree is Gone! - March 5th, 2007

Forest to Finished Flooring From the Family Farm

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For Global Good - Use Local Wood!


Timber Growers Alliance - Promoting the use of locally grown and manufactured forest products
Small forest owner businesses all over the world are joining together in a new timber market. Buy Local - Really! When I shop locally in our village of 1,500 people, prices are usually much higher than in the big stores in Madison. If I buy "organic" the prices are even higher. But wood is different. Wood is very valuable, but most of the retail price is gobbled up by all the middlemen and shippers. By eliminating the brokers and transport fees - even though I'm small and inefficient (compared to big industry) - my prices are the same, or lower, than the big stores in the city! We have an advantage in the Shop Local movement because wood products have such a high value in the retail market. And everyone uses wood everyday - everywhere! Timber Growers, Join Us!