Steps for Change – Putting Wisconsin Woodlands to Work
We Need the Media to recognize the importance of Timber to Wisconsin

We need to recognize there are major problems
in our present timber management system;

1.  Most privately owned forests are not managed in a responsible manner.
     Most forests are actually mis-managed with over-harvesting and high-grading.
     (Some forest owners practice a “compromised” forestry – it’s better than nothing.)
     90% of forest owners know nothing significant about the values/management of forestry.
     Forest owners are the only ones in the timber industry who do not make significant money.
     Forest owners are often cheated when being paid for harvested timber.

2.  Forestry programs tell forest owners that they are not qualified to manage timber.
            The “welfare” forestry programs actually discourage good forestry.

3.  The global timber markets now affect us all, and are undercutting our current system.


Steps for Change:

     1.  Teach common sense forestry business information that landowners can understand.

     2.  Encourage a local market system that respects/not rips-off the forest owner.

     3.  Encourage a professional logger training program to restore our forests.

     4.  Clean up the forestry profession, get back to forestry ethics.  Stop cover-ups of abuse

     5.   Debunk the certification systems and educate the wood products consumer.

     6.   Provide good information sources and expose advertising propaganda.

     7.   Encourage the use of locally grown and manufactured forest products.

  1. Use wood as an energy source for; heat, electricity, ethanol, bio-diesel.