Full Vigor Forestry


We work with Nature to encourage stands full of healthy, diverse, and vigorous high value timber. The trees are primarily Red Oak, with White Oak, Red Maple, Cherry, Ash, Aspen, Elm, Sugar Maple, and Walnut mixed in. This hillside stand was missed by the loggers the last time they high-graded the rest of the farm. The trees are larger (24"dbh) and older (130 years old) than other areas. Grazing in the past has discouraged young timber, but when we salvage a large tree, the gap in the canopy encourages a patch of young cherry, ash, maple and oak to spring up. Our annual harvest of one tree per acre each year can produce several thousand dollars per acre annual income.



Daniel Baird of North Carolina stand next to one of our most valuable trees - a Shagbark Hickory. This wood is now in very high demand, I'm always sold out when customers call. Bummer. In the past, working as a professional consulting forester, funded by government cost-sharing payments of several hundred dollars per acre - we slaughtered nearly every hickory in sight. Our zealous Oak-Only management has indeed proven to be quite foolish.

A recent trainee here at Timbergreen had travelled from Ghana. One of George's interests in coming to the U.S. was to see a Hickory Dickory tree he had heard a lot about as a child. Unfortunately, the Gods of the Forest had virtually eliminated this species from the land.

Now, all native species are treated with respect here at Timbergreen Farm. Every native tree has value - high value!

Watch Nature is our guide.

The Most Important Factor in Forest Management

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