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Timbergreeen Farm wins First Place for 2014 - WoodMizer Sawmills Best Business Awards!

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Spring Green Timber Growers is a Retailer and Producer of Wisconsin Urban Wood

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The Way to Manage The Forest
Before and After Photos - New Walnut, Cherry, Elm floor installed October 2013

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Full Vigor Forestry:
Sustainable Forest Management from the Forest Owner's Point of View

We grow our good trees as long as they are healthy and vigorous - encouraging natural succession and natural regeneration.  An annual harvest, taking the worst trees first generates an annual income.  To make enough money to take the time to do careful logging and earn a profit for the grower - we had to create a new direct market for our wood products.       

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New HD Video - New Jobs from Old Logs in the Amazon
Low resolution version of the video    Photos and article - New Jobs from Old Logs

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We are currently growing about 500 board feet of high quality timber per acre - about 100,000 board feet each year in our 200 acre forest.   That is way more than I need to harvest!  This year I will cut about 20,000 board feet of dead trees that are killed by Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease or windthrow.  The white oak above died - it is mature!  This 400 board foot tree will earn us about $4,000 as finished flooring!   Articles on Felling Trees


This white oak log is being winched up the hill to the trail - raised off the ground with the fetching arch.  This is the lowest possible impact logging system - requiring the least amount of energy.  Our 50 hp forwarder will carry the log the 300 yards to the sawmill.   Articles on Skidding and Hauling


Logs are milled into lumber on our WoodMizer.  Articles on Sawmilling


Lumber is carefully dried in our unique Solar Cycle Kilns.  Articles on Solar Cycle Kilns
New Book by Jim Birkemeier - Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns - February, 2014


Rough boards are planed all four sides with this Logosol Molder to make tongue and groove flooring.
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We install our wood and finish it in our customer's home - earning full retail value for our timber harvest.
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