O.K. Forest Owners.....  it is time to get serious about forest management.
It is time to stop the high-grading of our timber! 
  It is time to stop all destructive harvest practices!
      It is time to stop exploiting the forest for short-term profit!
        It is time to stop being taking advantage of by the professional "experts"!
            It is time to pay skilled professional timber harvesters for excellent work!
                It is time to manage your woodlot as a profitable (and fun) business!
It is time to start
caring for our forest resources for the future - REALLY!

Traditional forest management is all about feeding the big mills with cheap timber. 
The forest resource, the forest owner, and the logger are used and abused by this system and then  discarded when no longer of value.  Big Business is Big Business - and the big dealings in the timber industry at this time are just as scary as the big corporate actions we see every day now in the news.

There is no way to fix the traditional timber market
- Despite all the Public Relations campaigns and propaganda on sustainable forestry - a forest owners chances of getting future oriented forestry work done on their land are slim and none.  A classic example of how the current system totally fails a forest owner follows.

Forest owners - there is now an alternative to the traditional timber market - designed to meet the needs of the woodlot owner, not the big mill.  Full Vigor Forestry empowers  forest owners to do Just the Opposite of what has been business as usual in the timber industry.  This will work if you follow it through all the way - step by step.

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