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Past edition of Timbergreetings!
Good Loggers in today's timber industry

Large Values from Small Diameter Trees

The Most Frequently Asked Question

FSC certification on English woodlots

We installed this rough sawn mixed hardwood plank floor in Madison.
The finish is Danish Oil

A map to Timbergreen Farm  to help find us
        A Tour of Timbergreen Farm!

Lumber and flooring price list

Quartersawing logs on a band sawmill

February 15th 2002 Update
    20 features

Timbergreen 2000
          dozens of articles

Solar Cycle Kiln
        plans now available

Tree Surgeon Generals Warning

Timber Techniques Training

Ted and Christine Weise and their character maple floor

The center stem of this birch clump needs harvest.
As a forest owner, you choose the value of the tree.

If you sell this tree to a logger as stumpage
    you will get
20 cents.
If you deliver this tree to a paper mill as pulpwood
      you can get
If you sell it as kiln dry lumber to a woodworker
          you can get
If you sell tongue and groove flooring to a customer
              you can get
If you install the flooring in someone's home
                  you can get
How much will You sell your tree for???
get the details

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