Timbergreen Farm  - Sawmilling Logs into Lumber
Sawing Small Diameter Logs on a band sawmill
The Truth about Juvenile Box Wood

Quartersawing Logs on a band sawmill

The Great Grade Resaw Reward

The Scary Scragg Saw Story
                                    Slabwood Secrets
Timber Techniques Training

Drying Lumber

Drying wood with solar power  - new      New Solar Kiln Results - Jan 2007
SWC Builds Super Kiln
                            Timbergreen Solar Cycle Kilns
Solar Kiln Analysis 
Super Solar Cycle Sizzles
                        Paying for Blueprints with a credit card

Value-Added Manufacturing of Wood Products

Installing your wood as flooring in a customer's home
Two Facts Forest Owners Must Understand when cutting timber

The System is complete!
                          Multiplying Value-added
The Curse of Custom Orders
                    Large Values from Small D Trees
Timber Techniques Training
                    How to Catch Snipe

The Timbergreen Trials

Marketing Wood Products Direct to Customers

Direct Marketing of Mixed Species Flooring    Wood Boats use our white oak
Marketing Value-added Forest Products
          Timber Techniques Training
The Terrible Traditional Timber Market
Do It Right!
    The Best Reward

Sustainable Forestry Cooperatives and Certification

One Tree per Acre is the Key                    The Original Vision of the SWC
Starting a Successful Cooperative
Leopold on FSC Certification - 1948 
        Timbergreen on FSC - Jan. 2003
FSC in the UK

Sustainable Whooooops Coops
                  Whoooops - lessons learned?

More...                            W-Tree
            What does "Community-Based" really mean?

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